kayaking in washington stateDespite the common perception among Americans that it only rains here in Washington, the summers can still get pretty hot and sunny in the Evergreen State! For this reason, it’s necessary to share the potential health and safety issues that arise every summer. Despite these issues, the most important thing you can do for your health this summer is to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. But first, check out the below tips so you can experience a healthy and fun summer!


Like many Seattleites and people in Washington, we too enjoy hiking, kayaking and even catching a baseball game. Yet, participating in each of these activities can be extremely dehydrating. If you’re at the Mariners game, you’ll likely end up enjoying some ballpark delicacies, which are, generally, incredibly salty. This alone can be dehydrating, not to mention sitting around all day in the bleachers under the hot sun. If you’re of legal drinking age, you may also have a beer or two, which, in moderation, isn’t too bad for you. However, beer is especially dehydrating, so make sure you space out each beer with water!

Eat Locally

When summer arrives, the local farmers’ markets begin opening up once again. This means you can enjoy fresh, locally grown and delicious fruits and vegetables once again. In addition to their environmental benefits over grocery stores, farmers’ markets produce (predominantly) organic foods, meaning their free of irradiation, pesticides, GMOs and fertilizers.

What’s also important to remember about locally grown fruits and vegetables is that they retain their nutrients more so than mass-produced fruits and vegetables found in grocery stores. This is because once these foods are harvested, they immediately begin losing their nutritional value, as vitamins A, B, C and E deteriorate quickly once they are picked.

Avoid the Sun as Much as Possible

There’s no way you can possibly enjoy the summer to the fullest extent while completing avoiding the sun. Yet, due to the sun’s harmful UV rays, you’re thoroughly protecting yourself from skin cancer by staying out of the sun. Therefore, the solution is to wear clothes that cover up as much of your body as possible as often as you can. If not, at least try to wear 50+ SPF sunscreen and to reapply frequently, especially if you’re swimming. There are also clothing brands that offer UV protection, as the sun is capable of permeating light-colored items of clothing.

Enjoy Fish at Your Summer Cookouts

While there may be nothing more American than eating a burger during your summer cookouts, red meat, whether it be steak, hamburgers, pork or lamb, is linked to heart disease and high-cholesterol. Try having fish at your summer cookouts as, because of their omega-3 fatty acids, many consider fish like tuna and salmon “super foods”. While they may not necessarily be your standard definition of “steak”, tuna steaks and swordfish steaks are still delicious!

Visit the Doctor’s Office

While the doctor’s office may seem like the last place you’d want to be while it’s sunny and 85°, having a go-to resource during these hot days can be vital. Here at AFC Urgent Care Southcenter in Kent, WA we offer a variety of medical services that can help you and your family stay healthy this summer.

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