father and sonLast weekend was Father’s Day, which celebrates the positive impact the fathers in our lives have gifted us. Meanwhile, the entire month of June is Men’s Health Month. This initiative serves to raise awareness concerning the serious health problems that men are especially susceptible to. Men live an average of five years less than women do, which is a major departure from the life expectancy of men and women 100 years ago, which was only one year apart.

While physiological differences between men and women may help explain some of this difference in life expectancy, the fact remains that on average women visit their primary care provider two-times more than men do. Men: this month, be extra aware of your health and schedule an appointment to see your provider. Regular check-ups with your physician is key for early detection, which considerably assists in the treatment process.

To help illustrate how vital it is to see your physician, below are several men’s health facts:

  • American men live 76.4 years on average, while women live 81.2 years
  • Hearing loss is two-times more common in men than women
  • Men suffer from depression at a higher rate
  • 34.5% of men over 20 are obese
  • 32.6% of men over 20 suffer from hypertension

This Men’s Health Month, be extra cognizant of the health for the men in your family. Let them know how important it is to visit their physician regularly. And for all walk-in medical needs, visit us at AFC Urgent Care Southcenter in Kent, WA where we’re open seven days a week – no appointment necessary!

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