two-hundred thousand Americans are hospitalized each year with the fluWhile we may have already entered the height of flu season, have no fear – it’s not too late to get vaccinated! At AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care Southcenter, we still have plenty of flu shots in stock! If you visit us today, we can virtually guarantee that you will be 100% immune to the flu for the remainder of the season.

Don’t procrastinate; take action and get immunized today!

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 200,000 Americans are hospitalized each year due to influenza. The CDC also estimates that the vaccine prevented 67,000 hospitalizations, plus an estimated 1.9 million infections last year. These staggering numbers illustrate the undeniable efficacy of the vaccine and therefore stress how important it is that people receive their annual vaccination.

The reason why the flu is so prevalent every year is because of how contagious it is and how easily it spreads. When a person with the flu coughs or sneezes, they can infect anyone within six feet of them. The flu can also spread from people just coming in contact with objects that had already been touched by a person with the flu. This is why it is important for anybody sick to remain at home, as this will prevent the flu from spreading any further. If a person with the flu enters their workplace, they’re endangering their coworkers, which could compromise their business’ productivity.

flu infographic

Perhaps the most concerning aspect of influenza is the fact that people could be vector for it and not even know it. Healthy adults can spread the virus a day before they even feel any of the symptoms. The flu will then usually last between 3-5 days, and for those days, the person will continue being a vector. In case the flu lasts longer than a week, patients are advised to consult a physician. Parents will often find that their child’s flu symptoms may be more extreme than adults’, as children will sometimes experience severe nausea and in many cases, even vomiting. While our physicians can help treat the flu, it is best that you and your family receives a shot as soon as possible.

When we first opened, we here at AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care Southcenter pledged to do our very best to make the lives of Kent, WA residents as convenient as possible. Our dedication to the community is evidenced in our accessible, low-cost flu vaccinations. You will never be required to schedule an appointment in order to receive a flu shot. We understand how fast the world moves these days, thus, we prioritize getting our patients in-and-out the door as quickly as possible.

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