Travelers to the great Northwest – do you, or anyone in your family, need walk-in medical care?

SeattleVisiting the great state of Washington guarantees excitement in many forms, whether it be immersing one’s self in the world class metropolis of Seattle, or exploring the magnificent mountains, forests, and lakes of Washington’s wilderness. While traveling is healthy for the mind, body and spirit, it can take a toll on your immune system if you’re not properly prepared.

It’s not uncommon for travelers to feel under the weather after arriving at a new destination – particularly if they flew in a plane. Because of the limited air being cycled between an airplane’s cabin, one under the weather traveler could easily infect multiple people. Another reason people often need medical care while they’re traveling is because they’re being exposed to a number of foreign bacteria. This may induce allergy symptoms for travelers.

At AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care Southcenter, we frequently serve traveling patients as a destination for medical care . When somebody’s traveling, they simply can’t call up their primary care physician. Therefore, our walk-in medical clinic is the most convenient option for patients unfamiliar with the area. With 22 hotels in the area, along with the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, our location allows us to serve thousands of travelers each year with our patented top-quality medical service.

To take advantage of our center, you’ll never need an appointment or referral as our staff specializes in treating patients on a walk-in basis and guarantee to get them on their way in an extremely timely manner. We offer our patients the walk-in accessibility of an ER, but with the same friendly atmosphere as a family physician. Visit us any day of the week or call us now at 425.291.3300. We look forward to making your trip both unforgettable and healthy!