national championship game health tips brought to you by AFC Urgent Care in Kent, WASince the SuperSonics left in 2008, here in Washington, we’ve been deprived of a professional basketball team for almost 9 years now. But on Saturday, the local Gonzaga University Bulldogs advanced to the National Championship game, which will take place tonight at 6:20pm PST in Phoenix, Arizona.

Whether you’re a basketball fan, Bulldog fan, Gonzaga alum or just simply want to support a local team, we can understand why you’d want to watch tonight’s game at a bar. There may be no better venue than a sports bar to watch a game of this magnitude, perhaps besides the actual stadium where the game’s being played. But by watching at a sports bar, you’re inevitably subjecting yourself to eating bar food and consuming alcohol. We’re not going to suggest you skip out on the bar, as these events are worthy of celebrating to the fullest extent, but we are going to provide you with the following health tips:

Try Exercising Before the Game

Since the game’s starting at 6:20pm, it may be tough to find a time to workout after the game. Therefore, try to squeeze in some exercise before the game starts. If your workplace has a gym, jog a mile on the treadmill or spend 20 minutes on the stationary bike. This will help your body get its daily recommended amount of exercise in a very short period of time. This is especially important if you plan on eating bar food or drinking beer, which are both filled with 100’s of empty calories (ie: not nutritional).

Pace Yourself at the Bar

The energy inside a sports bar signals patrons to consume as much as possible. Between the loud music and palpable excitement inside a bar, it’s easy to overindulge, whether it’s food or cocktails. Therefore, make sure you’re aware of how much you’re drinking and pace yourself to avoid being overintoxicated or hungover in the morning. Also, beer often increases your appetite as it will expand your stomach, so try to stick to just one entree or appetizer. Your body will thank you in the morning!


Regardless of whether you’re drinking or not, try to drink as much water as possible. Due to the number of people inside the bar, the overall temperature will increase inside the bar due the excess body heat. Eating salty appetizers, such as wings, french fries or nachos, will also dehydrate you. Try to ask your server or bartender for water at least once an hour. If you’re drinking, try to double this amount or have at least one glass of water in between alcoholic beverages. This will cut down on the hangover and prevent any undesirable side effects related to dehydration.

Enjoy a Considerably More Vigorous Workout Tomorrow

For the many of you who will overeat and overdrink during tonight’s game, try to spend an even longer time working out tomorrow. This will help burn the excess calories from the night before and leave you feeling good about yourself so you can enjoy a nice night’s rest by Tuesday night. Also, if you’re not going to be at a bar tonight, try doing push-ups and sit-ups during timeouts or halftime, since, as we all know, you’ll have plenty of time to get these done – even in the last 2 minutes.

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Go Bulldogs!